SCREENO- Revolutionizing OOH digitally

Advertising has been an integral part of business promotion and marketing. Since eons companies have been using various mode of business promotion, of these, out-of-home or OOH has its place. With the rise of digitization, OOH has also transformed. Digital Out of Home makes use of digital media for advertising out of home. In the technical terms, digital out of home or DOOH is used in relation to advertising based on networks. You can spot it at public places like metro stations, doctor’s place or gas pumps.

On the related note, programmatic is increasingly making inroads in the world of OOH advertisement. It is, in fact, the most trending topic on the list. Not only it automates OOH, but at the same time, it also ensures better management of functionalities over different platforms from one place. SCREENO is one such attempt to bring the most revolutionary change in the OOH domain.

With growing competition in the market and the need of the companies to cater to the burgeoning demand for creative delivery, the DOOH continues to change. SCREENO is one such revolutionary attempt to manage and control the OOH digitally. Locad brings you this new technology which lets you modify and transmogrify your conventional methodology of out-of-home advertisements.

What is SCREENO?

Gone are the days when management of advertisements and screens were divided. With the surge of a new technological ecosystem, we have seen the transformation in the way of digital media management. SCREENO by Locad is one such modification. It is one of the most advanced technologies that will help in streamlining and managing the out-of-home advertisement.


Whether you are a media owner or digital advertiser, SCREENO will be a profitable investment for you. The only task that you have to do with SCREENO is plug and play, and the entire automated system will manage the content its presentation and control in real-time. This cloud-based platform ensures that you can access the information on the go. Irrespective of the hardware that you have, SCREENO works on cross-platform. Apart from content management, SCREENO leverages the advertisers to access the real-time DOOH inventory along with traffic management and footfall analysis.

What will SCREENO do?

As mentioned above, SCREENO is an automated real-time platform that lets the advertiser manage the DOOH inventory, content and track live traffic to understand the performance of the advertisement. It enables you to manage all these processes through this platform.

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How will it benefit the advertisers?

The reason for the growing demand for such platform is because it allows the advertisers and companies to tap the data along with unique views which makes it easy for the advertisers to analyze the end-user opinion on a particular idea. These set of development is going to be beneficial for advertisers and OOH vendors alike.

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Although, there has been a considerable increase in digitization of OOH the developments are limited to certain areas. With SCREENO the advertiser will get a completely digitized platform that ensures better content management, presentation, and enhanced audience assessment. SCREENO allows real-time monitoring, programmatic digital approach, contextual and behavioral targeting.

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Comprehending the audience ideologies and opinion enables the companies to formulate their advertising and marketing strategies. SCREENO gives the live tracking feature which provides the advertiser with accurate, detailed and real-time data for better analysis. Additionally, this single web interface and multi-screen management feature make SCREENO an easy to use the platform. The plug and play module has been developed to help even the naive person start using this feature.

Wrapping Up- As the technology continues to make inroads in our lives, the need to stay abreast with it also rises. The ever-changing need and demand of the customer have motivated the advertisers to come up with innovative ideas which can make advertisements more impactful and SCREENO is one such attempt in this direction.