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Programmatic DOOH Network & CMS


About Screen-ooh

It's an innovative platform for both digital media owners and advertisers. Digital media owners can simply manage content across any number of screens and geographies via a single cloud based web interface irrespective of what hardware device they are using. Moreover, they can monetize their inventory by simply integrating with our programmatic DOOH network through the same platform.Advertisers on the other hand get complete access to real time DOOH inventory with in depth live traffic monitoring and footfall numbers. The entire process from creative approval to purchase of DOOH inventory and scheduling of playlist across any number of screens can be done through this platform. Contact us to know more about the platform.

Key Features

Screeno Player Downloads


Ver: 18
Size: 4.5MB

Windows 32-bit

Ver: 18.0.0 X86
Size: 53.9MB

Windows 64-bit

Ver: 18.0.0 x64
Size: 55.70MB

Linux armv7 ( Raspberry pi )

Ver: 18.0.0
Size: 61.08MB

Linux 32-bit

Ver: 18.0.0
Size: 71.17MB

Linux 64-bit

Ver: 18.0.0
Size: 70.29MB