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Adtech For OOH & DOOH

Our Clients


Mobile Ad Platform

LOCAD’s platform is a one stop solution for all your advertising needs. It's a hyper local mobile advertising platform across channels for brands and agencies and OOH media companies.



PLANO is an extremely simple yet effective solution for managing site inventory across multiple geographical locations for OOH site vendors.



LOCAUDIT is a powerful tool for OOH proof of posting, monitoring of sites and reporting ( both internal and external) for brands, agencies and OOH media companies.


Programmatic DOOH Network & CMS

It's an unqiue platform for purchasing programmatic DOOH inventory and complete content management system for advertisers and digital media owners.

About Us

We are a Singapore based technology company where we love to build innovative products and IOT solutions for Location Based Advertising & OOH media industry. Our products and real time analytics help business owners and agencies get meaningful insights like never before. Our proprietary predictive intelligence technology gives a new dimension to mobile advertising industry.

We have presence across several continents and have offices in India, Australia, Russia, Africa and Europe. Our mission is to be the leaders in Adtech for OOH media space and continue developing new products and solutions which can help brands and business owners engage with their end users in the most innovative and effective way possible.

To execute the above we have a global team of experts with in depth experience from the world of AdTech, Advertising and OOH industry. Get in touch with us now to solve all your advertising and targeting needs.


What We Do

LOCAD’s integrated platform and IOT solutions for OOH industry give brands the ability to engage with audiences at the right time, right location and right context. It’s a one stop solution for all your advertising needs. Our range of products and services are relevant to brands, corporates across industry segments, OOH companies, political parties, real estate, retail, F&B companies etc. LOCAD's products & technology gives unparalleled reach and scale while ensuring brand privacy.

For Whom


LOCAD's platforms have been designed carefully keeping in mind the needs of advertisers and their agencies in managing national OOH advertising campaigns throughout the production and posting processes.


Our platform automates, centralizes and simplifies many of the complex and time consuming aspects of the production and posting processes enabling agencies to deliver superior service to their clients.

Media Vendors

Our software and hardware are not only integrated to simplify the process of providing real-time performance data but also helps media owners to monetize their assets better and become more efficient.


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