OOH (Out of Home) advertising has always been a crucial platform for the marketers throughout the globe. From last few years, OOH has evolved into a powerful advertising medium with which we could do pretty much anything. The bold and big presence of OOH advertisements is rapidly increasing. No matter whether it is highways, roads, billboards or streets, OOH advertising formats make sure that they grab the attention of the consumers on the go. The exponential rise of digitalization has led to the gigantic shift in the advertising landscape and changed the perception of the marketers. When executed correctly, DOOH (Digital Out-of-home Advertising) ensures a powerful engagement of consumers through social, smart and other mobile media technologies. In this article, we explore the benefits of OOH Media Advertising and we'll dwell deeply on why OOH medium is capable of creating an overall immersive experience by triggering instant call-to-actions.

Highly Cost Effective

According to studies performed by reputed media associations, OOH advertising delivers the best ROI when compared to most of the other advertising mediums. The more you invest in the outdoor advertising the better the Return on Investment. It is the most efficient advertising media and second to television when it comes to ROI.

Complete Market Reach

One of the core benefits of OOH advertising medium is it provides you with a total market coverage in a short span of time. A single advertisement on a bus or a metro train for a 4-week period makes sure that your brand is seen in every corner of the route. Every day thousands of people depend on the public transport to travel to their workplaces and OOH is the best way to hit the consumers multiple times throughout the day.

Powerful Engagement

A message when delivered with the right creativity is exceptionally engaging. Mobile and digital technologies in OOH advertising assure powerful consumer interactions. Marketers are quickly realizing the immense potential of interactive OOH. According to a reputed global information company, Nielsen, over 75% of the people opine that OOH engages them when they are outdoor. It gives them a something to look and engage with.

Instant Brand Awareness

Unlike the traditional radio, television and print advertising, OOH provides a great scope to reach massive consumers with a message. We need not run a series of ads to get the brand awareness. Whether you are targeting pedestrian traffic or workplace commuters, people are always aware of their surroundings when they are outdoor. They simply can't change the channel as they do for television or radio advertising. When outdoor advertising is used in conjunction with radio, television and online, it increases the scope for a sustained brand awareness.

Great Conversion Rate

It is surprising but the more than two-thirds of commuters make their buying decisions when they are outside of their homes. Shoppers seek the OOH advertising medium for the influence before they go shopping. Location-based advertising impacts the consumers with relevant content and access to brands on their path to purchase.

Wrapping up...

At Locad , we are often asked by our customers about the benefits of OOH and digital OOH advertising and they want to know how it fares when compared to the print and media advertising. While all the media are shifting towards digital, OOH maintains a stable growth and holds over 6% of the total ad spend globally. We hope that this article has given you enough information on the potential of OOH advertising.