We all know how the world is getting revolutionized by adopting new technologies. Technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, GPS, IOT, Cloud computing have enabled advancements in traditional technologies. Application of these advance technologies in various fields like advertising and media has befitted both the company and customers.

LOCAD is a Singapore & New Delhi based enterprise Tech Company building innovative products and IOT solutions for Location Based Advertising & OOH media industry. The company provides its innovative technology to all stake holders from brands to advertising agencies and media owners and has recieved various awards globally.

LOCAD has spread its wings internationally by having offices at Singapore and India, and with representations across other SEA countries and Australia.

The core product is called LOCAUDIT which is one of the most powerful real time monitoring and reporting platform for OOH media owners, agencies and brands globally. Right from inventory management to proposal building to creative approval process to real time proof of posting, monitoring, and reporting to location attribution, to measurement campaigns and DOOH (Digital out of Home) campaigns can be managed via a single platform. It’s the only integrated one stop solution for OOH industry that caters to all stakeholders!!

OOH media is one of the most used by the marketers to target audiences. The traditional way does not allow the marketers to monitor in real time but with LOCAUDIT it’s not only possible to monitor and get complete visibility across all media campaigns but also look at meaningful insights with respect to performance and effectiveness of the campaigns.

What are the key features of LOCAUDIT?

LOCAUDIT is a powerful tool for OOH proof of posting, monitoring of sites and reporting (both internal and external) for brands, agencies and OOH media companies.

There are a lot of features offered on the platform, some of the key ones are mentioned below:

Geo-tagging allows automatically tagging of sites with their respective lat/long data via GPS

Time and Date Stamp
The LOCAUDIT app prints tamper proof time and date on every picture clicked via the app which can’t be fudged or changed thereby ensuring correct data at all times.

Automated Alerts
Automated alerts are triggered directly via the app to the concerned stakeholders in case any problem is reported during monitoring.

Best Route Map
Monitors can see the best possible route optimization on the app which helps them to not only complete their tasks in the fastest but also the most cost effective way. Live traffic conditions using Google Maps is used to help monitor plan their daily tasks.

QR Code Monitoring
Simply scan the QR code put on the media asset and click picture or video via the app!

Picture + Video
Monitors can click both pictures as well as videos depending upon their requirements via the same app.

Planning Tool + Audience Data
Brands and agencies can plan their OOH campaign and media selection directly via the platform on the basis of audience profile data gathered from publishers,telcos and other 3rd party data providers.

Inventory Management
Media owners and agencies can manage their inventories and create automated proposals on the fly via the platform.

Measurement & Location Visitation Attribution
Brands and agencies can now get meaningful insights regarding their OOH campaign effectiveness. With LOCAD's proprietary technology they can measure the location visitation attribution and effectiveness of OOH campaigns.

Mobile Advertising for OOH campaigns
Brands and agencies can directly launch mobile advertising campaigns by default for all their OOH campaigns by geofencing OOH locations and targeting audiences using multiple targeting parameters.

Why should one choose LOCAUDIT?

It’s the most advanced and leading integrated OOH platform across India, SEA and Australia which is already being used by Top Brands, Advertisers, and Media Owners. Besides checking for the material that is being displayed the platform also helps in data collection with respect to the condition of the structure and the quality of the advertisement installation etc.

Furthermore, it also checks for light visibility, performance of vendors and monitors, time taken to pass, live traffic density count, nearby clutter and obstructions, etc. Some key reasons for trusting LOCAUDIT are as follows:

  • 700k + audits completed over 24 months
  • Averaging 2 audits per second across 2547+ towns and cities pan India
  • International roll out of platform across SEA , Australia, Egypt and Turkey
  • Top Global Brands, Advertising agencies and Media Owners already using the platform
  • Over 70k verified audited sites on the platform
  • 1800+ media owners using the platform
  • 5000+ monitors using the monitoring app
The application is available on Google Play store and supports Android OS.

Besides this the company offers several other solutions like Programmatic DOOH Network, DOOH Content Management System and 3rd party monitoring service pan India. We hope you like the information. If you have any questions, then please do comment below or contact us.